Be ground. 
Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are.
You've been stoney for too many years.
Try something different.

Hello.  Thank you for visiting my web site and
giving me this opportunity to let you know
what I have to offer as a psychotherapist.  

Learning is one of my passions and I bring
skills that have 
been honed over 30 years
as an artist and a social worker. 
Interventions are  highly personalized
inspired by ArtTherapy, neuroscience,
developmental psychology, the science of  Mindfulness, Buddhist psychology   and
healing practices
from traditional cultures.

In my work with clients we work together -
as a team - to create a mutual, shared space

of caring and healing.  In this space,  problems
are explored together, losses are held
together, hurts are seen and experienced

together.  Where there is trauma, the
imprint of trauma is transformed through
the bodily-centered, awareness practices
of Somatic Transformation and EMDR

In my offices, you will find drums, paints,
clay and drawing materials of all kinds. In

the session we will talk and, if you are willing,
we may drum or paint, draw or shape clay,
meditate, laugh, play, hum, read poetry and
maybe even dance.  You will learn how
to ground yourself and to understand and
regulate your own neural states.  I may lead
you in meditation or guided visualization to
help you bring soothing to anxious states
 and vitality to depressed states.

"everything flowers from within,
from self-blessing,
though sometimes it is necessary to
reteach a thing its loveliness." 

Galway Kinnell

If you would like to talk and see if we might
make a good team, please contact me - I'll
  be delighted to hear from you.   


Compassionate treatment:
Chronic Pain/Illness 
Trauma & PTSD
Domestic Abuse
Creativity Counseling
Trans & Gender Exploration & Affirmation
LGBTQ Issues 
Self-Esteem Issues 
Compassion Building 
Healthy Eating & Body Peace
Sleep Issues
Mindfulness Training - Individual and Classes