Art Therapy & Creativity Coaching
What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy makes use of the creative

process within the therapeutic
relationship to enhance mental,
emotional, physical and
spiritual health.  

Creating is a powerful act!  Research demonstrates that creative expression

can help us release stress, enhance
immune function, soothe anxiety, bring
vitality to depression, aid in the healing

of PTSD and much more. Art Therapy 
allows us to access both the deepest
parts of us that are in need
of healing
and our wisest and most courageous
parts that have healing to offer.

Art Therapy is an act of transformation.
As simple materials - pastels, markers,
paints, clay - are shaped and manipulated,
the process introduces movement into
stuck places. Those experiences that
words cannot touch are brought into
the light of day where they can be held
​in the therapeutic field and healed.

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Art washes away from the soul 
​ the dust of every day life." 

Pablo Picasso

"But, I'm not an artist!"

Don't think you can draw, paint, sculpt...?  

No worries - you don't need to be talented
or skilled in art making to benefit from
Art Therapy. You just have to be willing.

​Art Therapy isn't about making "good" art,
it's about giving expression to something
that is true for you. That's all.

When I work with a client or with a group,
I foster a comfortable, open and  accepting
environment in which to  create.
In Art
there is no good or bad -there is 
just expressing, transforming, releasing and
​ healing.  There is just 

What is Creativity Coaching?

Do you long to develop or reignite a creative practice?  Maybe you have
found yourself up against the brick
wall of artist's block.

Creativity Coaching can help!

I work with artists to identify and work
through the barriers to creating that can
stop us in our tracks.  I will meet with you
in my studio or in your creative space and
tailor a series of exercises designed to
get your juices flowing again.